The Module 2 On-Road Test for Motorbikes in Northern Ireland

Congratulations on your progress towards obtaining a full motorcycle license in Northern Ireland! You’ve successfully completed the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), passed the Theory Test, and mastered the Module 1 off-road maneuvers. Now, it’s time for the Module 2 on-road test, the final step on your journey to becoming a fully licensed motorcyclist.

This comprehensive article will guide you through the steps you need to take before reaching Module 2, the test’s components and essential tips to help you succeed on the big day.

Step 1: Completing CBT and Passing the Theory Test

Firstly, let’s celebrate your achievements in completing the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and passing the Theory Test. The CBT equipped you with essential riding skills, while the Theory Test tested your understanding of road rules and hazard perception.

Well done on these significant milestones, as they laid the foundation for your successful journey towards a full motorcycle license.

Step 2: Mastering Module 1 Off-Road Maneuvers

Congratulations on mastering the Module 1 off-road maneuvers! This part of the practical motorcycle test assessed your basic riding skills and ability to perform maneuvers in a controlled environment.

Your dedication and hard work have brought you closer to realizing your dream of riding freely on the open road.

Step 3: Booking the Module 2 On-Road Test

With your success in Module 1, it’s time to take the next step and book the Module 2 on-road test. You have the option to book both Module 1 and Module 2 tests at the same time. However, remember that if you do not pass Module 1, you must wait for three working days before retaking it.

Take your time to prepare and build confidence before scheduling the Module 2 on-road test.

Step 4: Understanding the Module 2 On-Road Test

The Module 2 on-road test typically lasts about 40 minutes and includes the following components:

  1. Eyesight Check: The test begins with an eyesight check, where you’ll be asked to read a number plate from a specific distance (20 meters for new-style number plates, 20.5 meters for old-style plates). Failing the eyesight check results in an automatic test failure.
  2. ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ Questions: You’ll be asked two vehicle safety questions known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions. These assess your knowledge of basic safety checks on your motorcycle.
  3. Road Riding Skills: During the test, you’ll ride in various road and traffic conditions, excluding motorways. The examiner may ask you to perform normal stops, an angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle), and a hill start (where possible). They will provide directions using a radio and usually follow you on a motorcycle.
  4. Independent Riding: The independent riding segment lasts around 10 minutes and evaluates your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions. You can ask the examiner to repeat directions if needed, but using a sat nav is not allowed.

Step 5: Test Result and Passing Criteria

At the end of the test, the examiner will inform you if you’ve passed Module 2. They will record any faults you made during the test, classifying them as follows:

  • Dangerous Faults: Involving actual danger to you, the examiner, the public, or property.
  • Serious Faults: Potentially dangerous faults.
  • Riding Faults: Non-potentially dangerous faults that could become serious if repeated.

To pass Module 2, you must make:

  • No serious or dangerous faults (sometimes called ‘majors’).
  • No more than 10 riding faults (sometimes called ‘minors’).

Step 6: After Passing the Test

Upon passing the Module 2 on-road test, the examiner will provide you with a pass certificate. Congratulations! You can now start riding without L plates immediately, and you do not need to wait for your full license to arrive. If your full license does not arrive three weeks after application, contact the DVLA for assistance.

Final thoughts

With your completion of the CBT, passing the Theory Test, and mastering the Module 1 off-road maneuvers, you are now ready to conquer the Module 2 on-road test. Stay focused, practice diligently, and showcase your riding skills with confidence on the day of the test.

The road to becoming a fully licensed motorcyclist is within reach, and we applaud your dedication and achievement thus far. Best of luck on your Module 2 test, and remember to always ride safely and responsibly. Happy riding